Luxury 5in1 Mug Heat Press Machine

Luxury 5in1 Mug Heat Press Machine

Model No.︰MY-MHP-II

Brand Name︰Mingyang

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 305 / Set

Minimum Order︰1 Set

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Product Description


     Digital 5 in 1 mug heat press machine use for transfer image on standard sublimaiton mug, 1 machine has 5 location, so can do transfer work fast than normal mug heat press. Luxury design, every location has control box, so can turn on any one as you want. Very nice exterior and high quality. 

- High temperature resistant silicone pad:

  Made of thickened silicone gasket, high temperature resistant, no deformation. Two sizes available. Can be used for a long time.


- Electromagnetic induction switch:

  There are 5 electromagnetic inductive handle switches. When the handle is closed, the machine will enter the heat transfer state, or you can turn the adjusting screw to obtain the proper pressure. Easy to operate.


- Quality Stability:

  The built-in cast aluminum heating plate with special high-precision wire technology maintains temperature balance and stability, making it durable and long-lasting.


- Intelligent Digital Control Center:

  Equipped with 5 independently operated displays and switches for simultaneous transfer of prints to improve work efficiency.



Model: HPM-5IN1
Power: 1500W
Voltage: AC230V, 50-60Hz
Main body: Stainless
Heating platform: Aluminum
Temp range: 0-380 degree
Time range: 0-999 Sec
Work type: Manual
Warranty period: 1 year
Certificate: CE
Display: LED
Weight: 30kg
Dimension: 95*46.5*33cm
Package: Carton box with foam



● Full pressure adjustable low to high pressure clamp.
● Digital time and temperature gauge.
● Micro processor precision heat and temperature gauge with large readout.
● Can transfer 5 sublimation mugs at one time, automatic alarm and time starts when heat press is engaged.
● Electronic equipment control the temperature, high veracity and stable quality.
● The heated thread and heated board are together, safe, durable, distribute uniformity.
● The electronic equipment control the time, denote the singal when finish.
● The silicon pastern in the motherboard can endure high temperature, not change the shape until it is 350 centigrade.

Payment Terms︰ TT/western union/paypal

Packing︰ Carton box with foam

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